Charles Bolden

Administrator, NASA

John Booher

John Booher

Partner, Hogan Lovells

Carissa Christensen

Managing Partner, The Tauri Group

Jason Crusan

Director, Advanced Exploration Systems Division, NASA

Shana Dale

Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, FAA

Art Dula

Trustee, Heinlein Prize Trust

William Gerstenmaier

Associate Administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA

Chris Kunstadter

Senior Vice President, XL Group

Mary Lynne Dittmar

Senior Policy Advisor (Consultant) , Center for the Advancement of Science In Space (CASIS)

Alexander MacDonald

Program Executive, Emerging Space Office, NASA Office of the Chief Technologist

Sean Mahoney

CEO, Masten Space Systems

Jeffrey Manber

Managing Director, NanoRacks

Charles Miller

President and Owner, NexGen Space LLC

James Muncy

James Muncy

Founder and Principal, PoliSpace

Aaron Oesterle

Policy Director , Space Frontier Foundation

Kevin Peterson

Chief Technology Officer , Astrobotic

Bruce Pittman

Chief Systems Engineer, NASA Ames Space Portal Office

William Pomerantz

Vice President for Special Projects, Virgin Galactic

Dan Rasky

Chief of the Space Portal Office, NASA Ames Research Center

Bob Richards

Co-Founder and CEO, Moon Express

Rex Ridenoure

Rex Ridenoure

CEO and Founder, Ecliptic Enterprises

Robbie Schingler

Co-founder and President, Planet Labs

Dennis Stone

Project Executive, Commercial Space Capabilities, NASA

George Whitesides

CEO, Virgin Galactic

Stuart Witt

CEO and General Manager, Mojave Air & Space Port

Pete Worden

Former Center Director, NASA Ames Research Center