News Archive

News Archive

Organized in reverse chronological order, below is the list of the press releases Space Frontier Foundation has put out from 1997-present. Prior to 1997, press releases were not posted on the internet, and work to retrieve, digitize, and post these press releases is on going.



12.11.13   M.A.R.S. Bound
10.31.13   Investing in the Future of NewSpace
10.29.13   Sustainability Is Not An Option
10.25.13   NewSpace Business Plan Competition 2013 Winners Announced!
09.30.13   Cygnus Berthing Delivers on NewSpace Promise
09.17.13   NewSpace Business Plan Competition Announces 2013 Finalists
09.17.13   NewSpace Business Plan Competition Date and Location Announced
09.04.13   Space Frontier Foundation Announces New Leadership
08.07.13   There Is Another Way
06.11.13   Embry-Riddle’s New Degree Program in Commercial Space Operations to Sponsor Teachers in Space Summer Workshops
02.27.13   Inspiration Mars Announces Details on Possible 2018 Flyby of the Red Planet
01.16.13   First Private Building in Space



12.06.12   Spiking the Moon
11.02.12   SpaceVision 2012 in Buffalo, NY
01.10.12   Dragon and SpaceX – Cargo delivery you can count on
09.11.12   Space Frontier Foundation announce $200 Ridiculous Rocket Space Prize
09.06.12   Space: The Last Priority
08.29.12   Republican Platform Lauds Big Government in Space, Ignores Private Enterprise
08.06.12   US’s Commercial Spaceflight Bargain
08.04.12   NewSpace Conference Makes Groundbreaking Impact
07.28.12   Space Ground Amalgam Wins 2012 NewSpace Business Plan Competition!
07.25.12   NewSpace 2012 Will Be Streamed Live Via!
07.17.12   Online Registration Ends July 24th for NewSpace 2012!
07.16.12   Dine with the Greats at the NewSpace 2012 Lunch Events
07.12.12   Cap NewSpace 2012 Off Right at the NewSpace Awards Gala!
07.11.12   Jurvetson Gives a Truly Great Gift to SpaceX and it includes Gene Cernan
07.10.12   Find Your Career at SpaceX or SS/L During NewSpace 2012 Info Sessions!
07.05.12   Meet Space Industry Leaders at NewSpace 2012
07.03.12   Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 NewSpace Awards
06.21.12   First Settlement in Space to Grow 17% in 4-5 years
06.21.12   Finalists Selected for the NewSpace 2012 Business Plan Competition
06.16.12   SETICon II is Just Around the Corner!
06.05.12   Exhibitors Showcased at the NewSpace 2012 Conference
05.25.12   Opening the Hatch to Humanity’s Future
05.22.12   Falcon Flies and Dragon Spreads its Wings! Long live NewSpace!
05.10.12   SFF Urges All to Forward the Frontier at ISDC 2012
05.07.12   Save $125 Off the Seasteading Conference Registration!
05.03.12   Venue Change for NewSpace 2012 Conference
04.16.12   Introducing the Inaugural Spacecraft Technology Expo
03.27.12   Agenda Released for NewSpace 2012 Conference
03.15.12   Legislative Alert for Pro-space citizens – Action Required by Monday, March 19
03.09.12   Teachers in Space and NASA Bring Space into Classrooms
02.29.12   NASA Deputy Administrator Garver to Give NewSpace 2012 Keynote
02.20.12   Friendship 7’s Legacy is Safe with Commercial Crew
02.17.12   Note to Congress – Answer “Why Space?” Before You Open Our Pocket Book
02.02.12   Space Frontier Foundation and NASA Announce $110,000 in NewSpace Business Plan Competition Prizes
01.26.12   Former Speaker Newt Gingrich Proposes Space Settlement as National Goal
01.19.12   SFF Recommends the 2012 Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference



12.17.11   Commercial Crew Development Defies Death by Sticking to Space Act Agreements
11.14.11   Learn and Launch for Less at NewSpace 2012
09.27.11   Space Frontier Foundation Backs Congressional Letter Calling Foul on Space Launch System Contracts
09.15.11   Monster Rocket Will Eat America’s Space Program
09.14.11   Compete in the Student NewSpace Business Plan Competition
08.25.11   Hutchison and Shelby are Right!
08.18.11   NewSpace 2011 Conference Reaches New Heights
07.25.11   NewSpace 2011 Conference to be Streamed LIVE on
07.22.11   Finalists Selected for the NewSpace Business Plan Competition
07.20.11   Online Registration Ends July 25th for NewSpace 2011 Conference
07.18.11   End of Shuttle is the Beginning of NewSpace Age
07.14.11   NewSpace Awards Gala Honors the Stars of Commercial Space
07.08.11   Congress Needs to Fund the Future
07.07.11   Limited Tickets Available for Lunches with NewSpace VIPs
07.06.11   We-Are-Space Video Contest Finalists Now Online
06.30.11   Get Inspired by the Exhibits at NewSpace 2011
06.22.11   Hear from Space Leaders at NewSpace 2011 Conference
06.21.11   $250,000 Heinlein Prize for Advances in Space Commercialization Honors Elon Musk
06.09.11   Early Bird Pricing Ends June 17th for the NewSpace 2011 Conference
06.08.11   SFF Announces $25,000 First Prize for the NewSpace Business Plan Competition
06.06.11   Submission Deadline for the We-Are-Space Video Contest Has Been Extended to June 14th
05.25.11   Agenda Released for NewSpace 2011 Conference
05.12.11   SFF and Heinlein Prize Trust Announce $5000 NewSpace Business Plan Prize
05.09.11   SFF Encourages All to Build NewSpace from the Ground Up at the 2011 International Space Development Conference
05.04.11   TEDxMidTownNY Event to Pierce the Veil of Jupiter
05.02.11   The Space Frontier Foundation and SEDS Provide Free Copies of The High Frontier to Schools
04.13.11   Teachers in Space Expands Management Team
04.09.11   Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Gagarin’s Flight with the Founders of Yuri’s Night in LA
04.08.11   Yuri’s Night at “New York’s Most Legendary Club”
04.07.11   We-Are-Space Video Competition Asks How Low Cost Launches Will Affect Our Everyday
04.04.11   Students Know Commercial Spaceflight Is Their Future
03.15.11   Registration Now Open for NewSpace 2011 Conference
02.28.11   Make Magazine Helps Develop Space Science Kits for Education
02.22.11   TEDxMidTownNY Event Slated for March 8th
02.17.11   Agenda Released for Keep the Promise Event
02.09.11   Space Supporters to Carry Message To Congress: “Keep Your Promise!”
02.05.11   Teachers in Space Announces Summer Workshops for High-School Teachers
02.05.11   Teachers in Space Offers Historic Flight Opportunity in 2011
02.02.11   Flagsuit Handed Contract To Develop Improved Gloves For NASA Space Suits
01.19.11   Space Frontier Foundation Sponsors SpaceUp San Diego



12.21.10   Third TEDxMidTownNY Event Announced
12.08.10   SpaceX Changes the Game in Space Flight
12.01.10   Save the Date for the NewSpace 2011 Conference
10.05.10   Second TEDxMidTownNY Event Announced
09.27.10   Space for the People
09.20.10   SFF Endorses the 2010 CRASTE Conference
09.16.10   Teachers In Space and NASA to Cooperate on Teacher Development
09.08.10   Space Frontier Foundation Sponsors First TEDxMidTownNY Event
08.23.10 NewSpace 2010 Conference a Resounding Success
08.18.10   Space Frontier Foundation Sponsors SpaceUp DC
08.01.10   Space Frontier Foundation Thanks Sponsors of the NewSpace 2010 Conference
07.22.10   NewSpace 2010 Conference Streaming LIVE on
07.21.10   “NewSpace Journalism” and “Pioneer of NewSpace” Awards Announced
07.19.10   Space Frontier Foundation Hosts Discussion Between NASA, NewSpace, & You
07.15.10   “Vision of the Future” and “Best Presentation of Space” Winners Announced
07.14.10   Teachers in Space Opens Competition for Three More Astronaut Slots
07.12.10   Online Registration ends July 21st
07.09.10   Group Seeking More Teachers for Free Space Flights
07.08.10   Tickets Available for NewSpace 2010 Awards Gala
07.06.10   Tickets Available for VIP Lunches at NewSpace 2010 Conference
07.01.10   Astronaut Teacher Candidate has the Wright Stuff
06.30.10   NewSpace Conference Panel To Discuss Commercial Space Start-Ups
06.24.10   Prestigious 2010 “Vision to Reality” Award Goes to Masten Space Systems
06.21.10   NewSpace 2010 Conference Speaker List Now Available
06.10.10   Manhattan Hosts Two Space Events, Saturday, June 12
06.10.10   Agenda Released for NewSpace 2010 Conference
06.04.10   Congratulations to SpaceX for a Successful Launch!
05.26.10   Space Entrepreneurship Group Passes Baton
05.16.10   Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Space Investment Summit 8
05.11.10   Space Frontier Foundation Encourages All To Attend ISDC 2010
05.03.10   Is NASA’s Constellation Program “Too Big to Fail?”
04.16.10   Foundation Urges Support for New NASA Space Plan
04.07.10   Yuri’s Night NYC
02.24.10   ProSpace March Storm
02.03.10   Save the Date: NewSpace 2010 Conference
01.31.10   Space Frontier Foundation Applauds NASA’s Bold New Direction
01.28.10   Space Frontier Foundation Praises Death Sentence for Ares
01.26.10   Ten Reasons Why NASA Must Kill Ares I & Buy Commercial Rides to Space
01.22.10   Intern with Us in DC this Summer – Deadline: January 31
01.12.10   Register for SFF’s “Take Back Your Space Program – First Flight”



11.18.09   NewSpace Is Under Attack
11.16.09   Time Magazine Falls for Rocket Launch Hoax
09.09.09   The Space Frontier Foundation and the Heinlein Prize Trust are pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 NewSpace Business Plan Competition
08.19.09   Lunar Water Will Enable Humanity’s Settlement of Space
07.31.09   Augustine Committee Declares a New National Purpose in Space “Worthy of A Great Nation”
07.16.09   Last Chance to Register Online for the NewSpace 2009 Conference
07.12.09   Space Frontier Foundation Announces NewSpace 2009 Silent Auction
07.06.09   The Space Frontier Foundation Invites All to Revisit Space History at the Apollo 11 Anniversary Gala
07.01.09   Speaker List Revealed for NewSpace 2009 Conference
06.29.09   Finalists Selected for the Heinlein NewSpace Business Plan Competition
06.22.09   Registration for the Space Frontier Foundation’s NewSpace 2009 Conference Extended
06.12.09   A Brief History Review for Sen. Richard Shelby
06.09.09   The Space Elevator – The Other Way to the High Frontier
06.05.09   Submission Deadline Extended for SFF and Heinlein Trust $5,000 NewSpace Business Plan Prize
05.25.09   SFF announces programming for NewSpace 2009 Conference at NASA Ames
05.14.09   Space Business Forum: New York – The clock is ticking…
05.08.09   Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Space Investment Summit 6
04.23.09   Space Frontier Foundation and Heinlein Trust Announce $5,000 NewSpace Business Plan Prize
04.13.09   Registration Opens for NewSpace 2009 Conference in Silicon Valley
04.08.09   Don’t Flush the ‘Colbert!’
04.02.09   Astronaut Teacher Candidates to be Announced at NewSpace Conference
04.01.09   Space Frontier Foundation uncovers massive conspiracy to keep America “contained” 
03.31.09   Space Frontier Foundation Sponsors Yuri’s Night NYC
03.23.09   Isle of Man EPU to Offer New Service to the Satellite Industry
03.15.09   One Giant Leap for Educator Astronauts, One Small Step for Education
03.11.09   Teachers in Space statement on STS-119
02.23.09   Space Frontier Foundation to Celebrate 40th Apollo Anniversary at NewSpace 2009 Conference in Silicon Valley
02.17.09   Screening of “Orphans of Apollo”
02.09.09   Teachers Help Design New Astronaut Curriculum
01.27.09   Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion (SUSTAIN) Technology Forum
01.27.09   Yuri’s Night Team Launches Space Raffle
01.27.09   Ilan Ramon Scholarship Project Launches Vision 2015
01.20.09   Heinlein Trust and SpaceX Announce Competition to Promote Research Innovation in Zero Gravity



12.23.08   NASA Announces Commercial ISS Cargo Winners: The Space Frontier Foundation Declares “Victory!”
12.09.08   Obama Space Team Seeks Public Comment on Space Solar Power White Paper Submitted by SFF
12.08.08   Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Announce Endowment Fund
12.02.08   AAAI & Space Adventures to Collaborate on Science Experiment Opportunities for Orbital Spaceflight Clients
11.25.08   We Need Your Help for a New Place in (Cyber)space
11.24.08   NewSpace 2009 – Save the Date!
11.20.08   What Next for NASA?
11.18.08   Will the Real Mike Griffin Please Stand Up?
11.06.08   $2 Billion Can Buy Real Change in Space—or More of the Same
10.29.08   Teachers in Space Program will Inspire American Students
10.29.08   Congress Scores a Major Victory for Space Commercialization
10.28.08   Space Frontier Foundation Finds Funding Source for COTS-D
10.23.08   Congress Scores a Major Victory for Space Commercialization
10.10.08  Space Frontier Foundation Vision of the Future Winner “Orphans of Apollo” Selected Documentary at Bend Film Festival
10.01.08  Teachers in Space Program will Inspire American Students
09.22.08  Teachers Apply for New Astronaut Program 
09.04.08  Registration Open for Space Investment Summit 5
08.05.08   Poets Get Nod From Space Pros: Without Poetry, It’s All Hardware
07.16.08   Press Conference to Announce Formation of National Coalition for Cheap & Reliable Access to Space (CATS)
07.15.08   “One Small Step For Man,” but a Hop, Skip and a Jump for the Rest of Us
07.15.08   Space Frontier Foundation and Teach Kids About Science Team Up to Produce a Science Education Event with a Revolutionary Twist
07.09.08   Teachers in Space Roundtable to be Held at George Washington University on July 16, 2008
06.30.08   NewSpace 2008: Creating the Future or Living in the Past? – July 17-19, 2008 in Crystal City, VA @ The Doubletree Hotel
04.24.08   Space Frontier Foundation Supports Celestis
04.23.08   Space Frontier Foundation Co-Sponsoring RASTE 2008, May 19-23 in Dayton, Ohio
03.21.08   Foundation Mourns Passing of Space Visionary – Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s Lasting Legacy to be Celebrated July 19th at the Foundation’s Annual Conference
03.05.08   The Space Frontier Foundation Announces Its Newest Project – The Cosmos Review
03.03.08   Watch Dog Congratulates Space Agency – NASA Releases ISS Commercial Resupply Services Draft RFP



10.26.07   One Small Step for Education
10.10.07   Views and Comments on NSSO-sponsored Study on Space-Based Solar Power
10.08.07   Report to Pentagon on Space-Based Solar Power to be Published on October 10th
08.21.07   Welcome Home Barbara Morgan; More Teachers Should Fly
08.08.07   Godspeed Barbara Morgan; Plans for Large Numbers of Teachers in Space
07.27.07   Space Frontier Foundation Mourns Loss of Scaled Composites Workers – Urges NewSpace to Continue Forward
02.06.07   The Space Frontier Foundation’s Annual Conference – NewSpace 2007: Accelerating Change
02.05.07   NASA Can Fix Its Budget Problems – By Buying from Private Industry Instead of Competing with It!



11.27.06   Save Centennial Challenges! – Space Leaders Call on Congress to Restore Funding for Important NASA Space Prize Program
11.19.06   Private Space Explorer Joins Teachers in Space – Anousheh Ansari to Support Flights on NewSpace Vehicles
10.16.06   PlanetSpace Joins Teachers in Space Project – Will Offer Free Rides on its Silver Dart Spacecraft to Top Educators
09.25.06   In Memorial: Dr. Vladimir Syromiatnikov – Hero of the Frontier
09.18.06   Masten Space Systems Donates Rocket Ride to Teacher – Joins Other Companies Donating Rides to Teachers In Space Program
09.01.06   NASA’s Rush to CEV Decision is Unnecessary and Ill-advised – Government About to Waste Billions Sending Moon Vehicle to ISS
08.18.06   Congratulations COTS Winners! – Foundation Calls on NASA to Expand Funding/Number of Winners Building New U.S. Space Ships
07.25.06   Unaffordable and Unsustainable: NASA’s Post Shuttle Transportation Strategy is a Failure
07.13.06   Congratulations Bigelow Aerospace! – Foundation Applauds Launch of First Commercial Inflatable Habitat
06.29.06   Scuttle the Shuttle! – Use Funds to Open the Space Frontier
06.23.06   You Think Your Space Business Can Fly? You Think You Have the Right Financial Stuff? – The Space Frontier Foundation Announces A Competition to Launch NewSpace Business Plans into Venture Capital Orbit
06.08.06   Space Adventures, Courtney Stadd, Joss Whedon to Receive Awards – Foundation Recognizes Creator of Serenity Movie, Space Travel Firm and Former White House Staffer for Contributions to NewSpace Movement
04.21.06   Space Flight Firms Donate Rides to Teachers – New Teachers in Space Program Gains Momentum
04.11.06   Teachers in Space! Foundation Wants Hundreds to Fly
04.05.06   The Space Event of the Summer! Space Frontier Foundation Announces NewSpace 2006 in Las Vegas
01.12.06   Pentagon Should Support NewSpace – Foundation Joins Consensus for Operationally Responsive Space



12.14.05   Space Frontier Foundation Supports U.S. New Year’s Eve Launch of “The Planets”
10.15.05   Space Frontier Foundation Departs from the Space Exploration Alliance
09.19.05   NASA Space Station Plan Good News for NewSpace Firms, Bad News for Cost-Plus Contractors
09.01.05   The Next Space Age Is Coming! Space Frontier Conference In Los Angeles To Focus On Revolution In Space
08.09.05   Space Advocacy Group Considers New Ways to Open Space Frontier
07.11.05   Scuttle the Shuttle! Space Shuttle is a Waste of Taxpayer Funds
03.29.05   Save Hubble! Space Leaders Call for Hubble Rescue
03.12.05   Mike Griffin Will Be a Good Captain for NASA – White House Choice for Space Agency Administrator Gives Hope for Moon/Mars Effort
03.10.05   Congress Should Fund Space Prizes Now! – White House Budget For Centennial Prize Should be Raised to $200 Million
01.31.05   NASA Needs a Tough Leader – President should Appoint Strong Administrator to Reform Agency Teetering on the Brink



12.09.04   Permission to Fly: Granted! Senate Passes Commercial Space Bill Enabling Private Space Flight
10.14.04   X Prize, SpaceShipOne Receive Awards – Pair “Blew the Hinges Off the Door to the Frontier”
10.11.04   NSYNC Star Still Planning to Fly in Space – Cheers Private Sector Entry into Space Age
10.08.04   Private Sector Space Pioneers to Receive Awards – Space Frontier Foundation to Recognize “Revolutionary” Space Efforts
10.04.04   They Did It! Space Frontier Foundation Lauds X Prize Winner, Calls It The Beginning of a New American Space Age
09.29.04   Go Burt Go! Space Frontier Foundation Applauds First X Prize Flight
09.27.04   X Prize, Scaled Composites to Receive Awards – Space Frontier Foundation to Recognize “Revolutionary” Space Efforts
09.10.04   Risk in Private Rocket Flights Worthwhile – Space Frontier Foundation Praises Heroes of a New Space Age
08.11.04   Let’s Rock this Boat – Queen Mary to Host Major Space Conference – Space Frontier Foundation Announces Gathering of Space Experts and Rocketeers
07.19.04   Foundation Urges Non-Political Partnership to Return to the Moon – “Return to the Moon” Conference Calls for Public/Private Partnership for Moon, Mars and Beyond Plan
07.08.04   Moon Conference to Boost New Space Age – Stellar Gathering of Experts, Innovators and Entrepreneurs Plan Moon, Mars and Beyond
06.21.04   Rutan Flight Ushers in New Space Age
06.16.04   Aldridge Space Report a “Rhetorical Breakthrough” – Space Frontier Foundation Says U.S. Space Program Must Now “Walk the Walk”
06.14.04   NASA Budget is No Prize! Space Frontier Foundation Calls for NASA to Greatly Expand “Centennial Challenges” Project
06.02.04   Moonwalker/Shuttle Commander to Help Lead Discussion on Moon Settlement
05.19.04   Go “GoFast”! Space Frontier Foundation Congratulates First Amateur Team to Enter Space
05.07.04   Space Frontier Foundation Joins Other Groups in Call for Moon, Mars and Beyond
05.06.04   Space Frontier Foundation Applauds Second FAA Suborbital Space Flight License, Says XCOR’s Test Flight License Shows Flexibility
05.03.04   Space Program Veterans to Speak at Moon Conference, Past Apollo Director and Former NASA Executive to Use Past Success to Create Future Solutions
04.16.04   The Stage is Set for the Commercial Space Age! Foundation Hails FAA for Issuing License for World’s First Sub-Orbital Rocket Launch
03.19.04   Keep Hubble Alive! Space Frontier Foundation Calls for Plan to Save Telescope Without Shuttle
03.09.04   Congratulations to the House for Landslide Vote Supporting New Commercial Space! Now it’s Time for the Senate to Step Up to the Plate
02.26.04   Moon Conference Takes on Bush Goal – Experts, Astronauts, Entrepreneurs to Gather in Las Vegas
02.20.04   NASA Space “Prizes” Great First Step! – Congress Should Support Effort to Reward Results and Ignite Private Sector on Moon Push
01.28.04   Tumlinson Tells Senate Committee to Involve Private Sector “From Day One” in New Space Policy Initiative
01.26.04   Tumlinson to Testify on Bush Space Policy at Senate Hearing
01.15.04   Bush Space Plan – Right Direction, Plan Needs Work
01.13.04   Return to the Moon – This Time to Stay! Government Must Partner with Commercial Firms to Succeed



12.17.03   Foundation Congratulates Scaled Composites for Breaking Sound Barrier, Calls for Washington to Support New Spaceships by Breaking Regulatory Barriers
12.12.03   Return to the Moon – This Time to Stay! Government Must Partner with Commercial Firms to Succeed
12.04.03   Foundation Congratulates SpaceX on New Rocket Rollout, Hails Project as Providing Advent of “Alternative” Space Firms
10.29.03   Foundation Founder Rick Tumlinson Testifies to Congress on the “Future of NASA”
10.23.03   Richard Haase and The Watch Helping to Prevent Collisions with Huge Near Earth Objects
10.13.03   Foundation Says Chinese Launch Heralds New Space Race
10.12.03   Foundation Lauds Rohrabacher Bill on Commercial Space; Astronaut Says Private Spacecraft May Beat Shuttle to Space
10.08.03   Former Space Shuttle Commander to Join Chair of the House Subcommittee on Space and Science at Foundation Annual Conference
08.26.03   No More Excuses: Cancel the Shuttle
08.25.03   Foundation Mourns Tragedy at Brazil Launch Complex
07.28.03   Congress Should Cut the Red Tape Grounding Reusable Rockets
07.09.03   “Scuttle the Shuttle!” Foundation Urges
06.23.03   Foundation Proposes Space Policy
06.09.03   2003 International Space Development Conference Hosts Space Enterprise Event Sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation
05.20.03   Foundation Hails White House Remote Sensing Policy, Calls on NASA to Create “Near Frontier Fund”
05.06.03   Foundation Calls on NASA to Transform Itself “As Only NASA Can”, Wants Agency to “Buy Rather Than Build” New Space Vehicles
04.16.03   NASA Should Re-start Alternative Access to Space Station ASAP! Secret Decision to Kill Program a Mistake
03.05.03   Coalition of Space Groups and Leaders Unite in Call for Space Settlement as Core of Human Space Flight Agenda
02.01.03   Space Frontier Foundation Saddened Over Loss of Columbia and Crew, Urges “Incredible Quest” to Continue
01.31.03   Space Frontier Foundation Praises NASA “Prometheus” Nuclear Propulsion Project
01.12.03   New NASA Program Doomed to Failure, NASA Should Explain Failures, Foundation Tells Congress



12.14.02   30 Years After Last Human Visit, Group Calls for Return to the Moon
12.05.02   Commerce Department Releases Report on Emerging Market Opportunities in Suborbital Space
10.17.02   Space Frontier Foundation Decries Debate Over Moon – Mars as Next Human Destination, Calls for Both
09.23.02   Robert L. Forward, Space Visionary and Friend of the Foundation, Dies at the Age of 70
09.09.02   Foundation and NASA “InSync” on Agency Handling of Pop Star
07.20.02   Return to the Moon IV Conference a Success
07.18.02   Return to the Moon IV Conference
04.25.02   Foundation Calls Shuttleworth’s Flight “Proof” of Market for Space Tourism
04.10.02   Space Leaders to Chair Return to the Moon Conference
03.15.02   Museum of Flying to Host World Space Party
02.01.02   Space Frontier Foundation Endorses Space Station “Tourist” Standards



11.28.01   Space Frontier Foundation Announces Support for New NASA Nominee
10.23.01   Rock and Roll Legends Pull Together to Perform at Playboy Mansion 2001 Gala Honoring Sir Arthur C. Clarke
10.15.01   Arthur C. Clarke 2001 Gala Set to Take Place in Los Angeles on November 15th
10.03.01   XCOR Announces Dawn of Civilian Rocket-Powered Aviation, First Phase of Flight Test Program Completed
09.21.01   The Honorable Ralph Hall Joins Discussion on ISS Budget Crises
09.04.01   MirCorp Reaches Agreement for Development of the World’s First Private Space Station; New Commercial Orbital Facility to Accommodate Up to Three Visitors for 20-day Stays
08.25.01   Space Frontier Foundation to Host Clarke Gala
08.07.01   Space Frontier Foundation Goes “In Search of 2001″: Experts, Entrepreneurs and Astronauts Gather to Plan Our Future in Space
07.25.01   Foundation Congratulates XCOR on Historic Flight
07.05.01   Bechtel, Forever Bound, LunaCorp to Sponsor “Return to the Moon III” Conference
06.04.01   Space Frontier Foundation Welcomes Robert Bigelow and Bigelow Aerospace as a Sponsor for Return to the Moon III Conference
05.22.01   Tito, Bigelow and Foundation Offer Vision of More Private Space Travelers at Washington Event
05.09.01   Space Frontier Foundation Welcomes Dennis Tito Back and Challenges NASA to “Keep the Airlock Open”
04.25.01   Space Frontier Foundation Congratulates NASA and ISS Partners on Historic Tito Flight Agreement, Group Calls for Setting of Visitor Standards
03.23.01   Space Frontier Foundation Calls Mir’s De-Orbit Historic Tragedy
03.21.01   Let Tito Fly!
03.20.01   Lunar Experts Plan Permanent Human Settlement on Moon
03.15.01   Space Frontier Foundation Calls for ISS Alpha Civic Authority
03.02.01   White House Releases President’s 2002 Budget for NASA
02.14.01   Space Frontier Foundation Calls for an End to Political Control of Access to Space
02.12.01   Space Frontier Foundation Supports the First Annual Yuri’s Night World Space Party
02.08.01   Space Frontier Foundation Says: “Space Launch Initiative Program (SLIP): Fix It or Kill It”



11.01.00   Space Frontier Foundation Congratulates NASA, Russian Space Agency on Opening of International Space Station – Calls for New Management
10.10.00   Congressional Candidate Speaks Out at Space Frontier Conference
10.05.00   Space Frontier Foundation Ridicules NASA for Praising and Perpetuating Expensive Socialist Spaceflight Monopoly
09.20.00   Tumlinson to “Revolutionize” Space at Griffith Observatory
09.08.00   “Extreme Space” Competition Offers Space Innovators Cash Grant Awards
09.08.00   Space Shuttle Mission to International Space Station Demonstrates Missed Opportunities
08.29.00   Foundation Announces Space Business Competition
07.11.00   “Next Time We Stay” – On Apollo Anniversary, Experts Gather to Plan Return to the Moon
04.06.00   Takin’ Care of Business, Space Style
04.04.00   First Commercial Space Station
03.22.00   JP Aerospace Plans Test Flight
02.17.00   Space Frontier Foundation Hails Private Sector Takeover of Mir



09.25.99   NASA Administrator Endorses Space Frontier Foundation Plan to Privatize International Space Station
09.17.99   Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to Speak at Space Frontier Foundation’s 8th Annual Conference
09.13.99   NASA Administrator Dan Goldin to Deliver Keynote Address at Space Frontier Foundation’s 8th Annual Conference
08.31.99   Space Frontier Foundation Finances Global Asteroid Search
08.06.99   Commercial Space Stars to Shine in Seattle
08.06.99   Los Angeles Space Frontier Conference Fires Up Entrepreneurial Agendas for Business in Space
07.09.99   Space Frontier Foundation Mourns the Death of Astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr.
06.23.99   Members of First and Last Apollo Missions to the Moon to Participate in Lunar Base Symposium
05.20.99   Historic Private Space Flight Attempt Scheduled for May 22, 1999
05.11.99   New NASA Authorization Bill HR1654
05.05.99   NASA’s Ban on Free Speech in Space
02.25.99   Historic Roton Spaceship Rollout to be Webcast Live
02.04.99   Space Mirror Hailed as Energy Breakthrough
01.27.99   U.S. Should Endorse Russian Efforts to Keep Space Station in Orbit



12.10.98   Russian-European-Slovak Crew Not to Be Last on Mir: Crew Head
11.20.98   Critics Praise NASA Plan to Privatize International Space Station
10.29.98   Senator Glenn Shuttle Flight Could Have Blazed New Trail for Public; Settles for “Business as Usual”
10.21.98   Senator Glenn’s Shuttle Flight Signals a Failing Space Program
09.21.98   Asteroid Hunters to Meet in Los Angeles, CA
09.04.98   Revolutionary Rockets and Space Development to be Discussed at Conference in Los Angeles, CA
07.01.98   Movie Producers of “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact” Challenged to Match $50K Grant to Find Killer Space Objects
06.12.98   Shuttle-Mir Program Hailed; Decision to Destroy Mir Called “Shortsighted”
06.10.98   NASA Space Loan Guarantees are “Dead on Arrival”
05.13.98   First Commercial Lunar Mission Reaches the Moon
04.24.98   Group Reveals First Commercial Lunar Mission in Transit
03.05.98   Foundation Applauds Finding of Ice on Moon, Calls for Human Settlements
02.19.98   Russian President Yeltsin Urged to Keep Mir Space Station in Orbit
02.05.98   Space Frontier Foundation Says NASA is Shortchanging a Global Warming Solution
01.15.98   Sen. Glenn Shuttle Flight Most Expensive Congressional Junket Ever



11.18.97   $250,000 Prize Announced for First Private Rocket to Space
10.14.97   “Vision to Reality” Award Winner Announced
10.06.97   “Space: Open for Business” Conference in Los Angeles
06.10.97   Will Senate Solve Crisis in Space Launch Industry?
05.23.97   Foundation Calls for New Space Vehicle Fleets
02.19.97   Foundation Announces NASA Sponsored Cheap Access to Space Symposium
02.02.97   Foundation Calls NASA Commercialization Effort “A Costly Joke”



As these press releases were developed and distributed prior to the digital age, the print versions of these are being collected and archived. Please check back soon for updates.