Space Frontier Foundation Launches DEI Study

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Study Will Serve to Create a Data-Driven Toolkit for Industry Best Practices

Silver Spring, Md. – The Space Frontier Foundation announced today the launch of a new study aiming to ensure an equitable, diverse, and representative Space Frontier. To accomplish this, the Foundation is requesting those working in the space sector to complete a survey which will serve to guide the development of a free toolkit around best practices for fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the space sector.

“We are championing this effort to ensure our future Space Frontier is representative of the diversity here on Planet Earth,” said Foundation Executive Director Ann Kapusta. “A core mission of the Foundation is to transform the space industry into a dynamic and inclusive frontier. To do this, we must gain a better understanding of the talent gaps among women and minorities in space sciences, as we work to democratize space through access and equity.”

The project lead for this initiative is Data Scientist at Blue Origin, Becki Yukman. The survey is anonymous and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Those who complete the survey have the chance to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards.

“We want to ensure the future of space is representative of the richness and diversity here on Earth,” said Kim Macharia, Chair of the Space Frontier Foundation Board of Directors. “The first step in creating the data-driven toolkit is to understand the current workforce landscape of the aerospace industry. We are encouraging the space community to share this survey far and wide, because the greater the response, the more we can do to move the needle.”

You can help the Space Frontier Foundation assess the state of the industry by completing the survey here, and sharing the survey link with your network via email or social media channels.

About the Space Frontier Foundation

Founded in 1988, the Space Frontier Foundation is committed to realizing the vision of a greatly expanded and permanent human presence in space. To realize this vision, the Foundation is fundamentally transforming the conception of space into a widely accessible frontier, ripe with opportunity. Through conferences, speakers, policy papers, awards and prizes, and nationally recognized projects, the Space Frontier Foundation is actively advancing the cause of ‘NewSpace’ – the term which has come to represent space infused with the spirit of entrepreneurialism and the free market.