NewSpace Conference Logonew ● space \nöö – späs\ noun: a movement and philosophy often affiliated with the emergent private spaceflight industry. 

Hosted annually by the Space Frontier Foundation since 2006, NewSpace Conference brings together thought leaders from startups, established companies, government agencies, investors and tech innovators to explore the opportunities and challenges of opening the space frontier to human settlement. 

NewSpace 2017 will center around the theme, “Convergence,” highlighting the cross-disciplinary collaboration critical to creating a sustainable space economy. Through engaging conference sessions and unique networking opportunities, participants will have the opportunity to discover the people, technologies and ideas – from across space and non-traditional markets – that are shaping and leading the industry.

When: June 27-29, 2017
Where: Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, California


The Space Frontier Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to realizing the vision of a greatly expanded and permanent human presence in space. The Foundation functions like a city Chamber of Commerce for the space industry, interfacing between smaller private entities, government and larger industry giants, as well as encouraging and supporting collaboration between them. The Foundation believes that privatizing space exploration will lead to faster innovation and progress, smarter financial decisions and job creation, and that the public and private sectors must work together with the former incentivizing the latter. The power of free enterprise will be the catalyst to generate the necessary technologies for humans to live and work in space and sustain a healthy, thriving space economy.