Space Frontier Foundation Hosts NewSpace 2017: Next-Generation Space Conference in San Francisco

NewSpace is the conference for the emerging commercial space industry

The Space Frontier Foundation will host its annual NewSpace conference in San Francisco, CA on June 27 – 29, bringing together startups, investment firms, established companies and government for three days of discovery, connection and innovation. NewSpace is the conference for exploring the challenges and opportunities of opening the space frontier to human settlement.

Themed “Convergence,” NewSpace 2017 will highlight the cross-disciplinary collaboration critical to creating a sustainable space economy. Through engaging conference sessions and unique networking opportunities, participants will have the opportunity to discover the people, technologies and ideas – from across space and non-traditional markets – that are shaping and leading the industry.

“NewSpace conference is a point of convergence for thought leaders from across every vertical of the industry – from the visionaries to the policy experts, from the startups to the engineers and scientists,” said Jeff Feige, Chairman of the Board of the Space Frontier Foundation. “This is the place where businesses are formed, deals are struck, and collaboration is fostered.”

Featured speakers include: Deputy Prime Minister and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Etienne Schneider; EDventure Holdings, Chairman, Esther Dyson; Bessemer Venture Partners, Vice President, Sunil Nagaraj; and Accion Systems, CEO and Founder, Natalya Bailey.

Key sessions include:

  • More than Funds – Explores the non-monetary ways in which venture capitalists and external funders can help rising companies.
  • TRL: Takeoff, re-entry, and LEO – Discusses the types of industries LEO providers are seeing as future markets
  • Space without a Space Agency – Introduces the challenges, struggles and successes met by rising aerospace leaders independent of government aid
  • Reverse Spin Offs – Explores Earth tech that can (accidentally) be spun off in support of space commercialization
  • Public-funded Innovation – Discovers how “bleeding edge” public funding business models are delivering results

For a full list of speakers and sessions, please visit the official conference website.

Date: June 27 – 29, 2017

Location: Park Central Hotel, San Francisco, CA

*Interviews and media passes are available upon request. To request credentials, ensure receipt of news releases and advisories, or for more information about NewSpace, please contact:

NewSpace 2017 is sponsored by: Perkins Coie, Space for Humanity, Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, OffWorld, Space Systems Loral, Brand Delta-V, Ball Aerospace, and Aerojet Rocketdyne. 

About the Space Frontier Foundation
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